Break-Away Collars for Cats

Our nylon breakaway collars for cats have a special clasp that will pop open to free your cat if the collar gets caught on something. The cat pet collars are reusable after release. Available in six colors, and with or without personalized embroidery. Embroidered cat collars are an eye-catching way to display your pet's information.

The break-away cat pet collars are available in the following color choices: red, purple, blue, black, neon pink and sky blue. These cat safety collars are sized to fit most any adult cat, and have an adjustment length of 8.5 to 13.5 inches. These 3/8-inch wide collars are the standard width recommended for cats.

Each break away collar is available with or without a bell. A bell can be useful in alerting you of your cat’s location, or in helping to prevent the hunting of birds.

The safety benefit of the breakaway collar is to keep your active cat from becoming entangled. If the collar gets caught on something, your cat can pull, and the collar will pop open to free them. Later, you can put the collar back on the cat, and it will be as good as new. The only risk with breakaway collars for cats is the risk of losing the collar, particularly, if the cat goes outside. But many of our customers have decided that they prefer the risk of losing the collar over the risk of losing the cat. If the breakaway collar is not your preferred cat collar, check out our other collars for cats. We offer both standard collars and safety collar options for cats. The breakaway is a safety collar, along with our Safety Collar With Stretch Section (a section of the collar stretches), and the Stretch Safety Collar (the whole collar stretches). Our standard collars that don’t have a safety function are the Traditional Cat Collars, and the Adjustable Cat Collars.

All of our breakaway cat collars work great with pet ID tags, and most of our cat collars can have your cat's name and your phone number embroidered into the collar for an added level of security.

Still not sure which collar is best for your cat? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

And just for fun, here's a customer's kitty wearing on of our embroidered breakaway cat collars:

This is Jacob, wearing a breakaway collar with his name and phone number embroidered.

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