Owner Alert Pet Recovery Service

Adding This Number to Your Tag Could Save Your Pet's Life. 

What happens if you miss the call from someone who found your lost pet? Don't risk the chance of your pet being released or taken to the pound!

Instead, the person who finds your pet simply calls our 24 hour, toll-free hotline (added to your pet's tag).  We immediately call and text your additional contact numbers (work, cell, relative, vet, etc.) until you and the your pet's finder are in contact.

Keeps All Your Pets Safe...Forever! Sign up for the Owner Alert lost pet recovery service one time and every tag you ever order from us can have our lost pet hotline number added for free.  Update or temporarily change your contact info (even for vacations), anytime, for free.

It's Easy To Order! Once you have a tag in your shopping cart, click "Learn More" in the Owner Alert!  box.

Read Lucas' story This is a letter we received from a customer that shows our lost pet recovery system in action. We do this hundreds of times a year.  What will happen to your pet if you miss a call? For a one time fee of only $9.95, you can add 24 hour protection for all your pets, now and forever. Don't wait -- sign up for this lost pet alert number today!

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