Plastic Collar Tags

Our plastic pet collar tags are the perfect lightweight, easy-to-read, long lasting design that is quiet and out of the way of your pet's active lifestyle. They securely attach directly to your pet's collar with Velcro built in to the back of the tag, which opens and closes to go around the collar. Choose pet ID tags for sale in 3 shapes, 3 sizes, and many colors!

These plastic pet ID collar tags are a unique design that we love! They attach snugly to your dog or cat's collar, and are an excellent solution when you need something that your pet will not notice.

Constructed with our durable plastic, we built industrial strength Velcro into the back of the tag, which wraps around the collar and attaches to itself on the underside. The Velcro is replaceable in the case that it ever gets worn. The tags are designed to last for years and years.

These deeply engraved plastic tags are easy to read, and their no dangle design keeps them looking brand new for years!

Available in a round, bone, or rectangle shape, they are available in sizes small, medium, and large, and in colors Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange, White, Mint, Tan, Pink, Purple, and Gray.

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